Adaptive Analytics

Unblock the power of your data

Decision-making strategy

Companies need many data from various sources and economy sectors in order to adjust to the nuances of their selected markets. However, few companies can access all their data in real time in order to maximise their use in decision-making.


A recent study found that 43% of senior management consider data “extremely important” for making the right decisions. However, rich data resources do not automatically mean the data is accurate.

Adaptive Analytics is a service that provides your company with critical business data you need right now

A dynamic company does not need a complex data analysis tool. Key people in production and sales departments need ready-to-use data for making quick decisions.

The solution to the problem is Adaptive Analytics, a tool that will provide your employees with necessary data.

Thanks to Adaptive Analytics, your business data may be:

  • collected,
  • analysed,
  • forecast and
  • compared to target levels and values

within literally minutes on any device (PC, tablet, phone).

The data may be sent systematically based on a subscription. They are also available in the form of interactive graphs if you need an in-depth analysis.

Adaptive Analytics Dashboards

Enables to quickly and intuitively generate reports without coding. Clear visualisation enables easier data analysis and making decisions more quickly.

Tailored solutions

Adaptive Analytics solution are meant mainly at FMCG, distribution and financial companies.