Adaptive Software

Advanced technologies are within your reach

Broad experience and knowledge

From design, through development to implementation: we take care of every stage of business changes in your company.


We board over 20 years of experience in making applications for large and medium-sized companies. Our technical competences include mobile solutions (Android, iOS), networks, cloud-based products and back-end applications.

Adaptive Software means applications designed and developed for your business

We offer highly specialised services adjusted to the needs of our clients. We focus on mobile apps and IoT (Internet of Things). We are not associated with any hardware platform. We develop our applications for PCs and iOS and Android devices.

Mobile app development process:

  • definition of the company’s business requirements
  • case study and development of a solution concept
  • concept approval
  • selection of adequate components (software, hardware, network environment, etc.)
  • prototype development
  • preparation of production version
  • system launch project, including user trainings
  • technical support for the application and end users