About Us

At Adaptive Applications, we adjust to the processes of our clients.


A’s solutions are designed specifically for your company!

Digital transformation

Regardless of how fast and efficient your company is, if you want to increase its profit, you should fully benefit from the advantages of the digital world. Digital transformation is a must!


Our working culture

At Adaptive Applications, we focus on:

  • Attractiveness of the workplace:
    We work at a place where everyone feels good and comfortable.
  • Motivation and challenges: We ensure continued inflow of new and interesting challenges.
  • A clear common goal: Teamwork is extremely important, we like to share ideas and responsibility.
  • Transparency: We are all involved in the implementation of our corporate strategy, which is why we ensure full transparency in sharing our vision or growth and performance data with our employees.
How we work?


We have a proprietary manner for running the business, which leads us to increasingly innovative solutions.

  • We respect time, appreciate intellect and the power of innovation.
  • We create a flexible and friendly work environment – mobility today is a key to effectiveness.
  • Every day, we use the same technologies that enthused our clients.

Why digital transformation

  • Availability of digital technologies in all areas of our lives left companies behind.
  • Thanks to digital transformation, companies become more effective and perform better.
  • Companies using innovative technologies have a higher market value.


Arnold Nowak

I am the CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Applications, and a manager with more than 20 years of experience.

I studied Electronics and Telecommunications and started my professional career as a developer of advanced industrial applications. For 10 years, I managed a Polish branch of an international company offering SAP implementation and maintenance services. Throughout my career, I collaborated with both the largest global companies and local businesses managed by their founders. It still brings me the most satisfaction when I can help such companies to grow.

In 2017, I established my own company to be able to create with my partners applications and solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Solutions that are light and simple to use, and offer quick business benefits.

In my spare time, I travel and read. I like world literature and contemporary crime novels. When I am not travelling, I watch science documentaries on various areas of life, from mathematics through to history.

Are you considering a more effective manner of running your business? So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Our solutions will provide your company with the flexibility you need and will enable its rapid growth.