Adaptive Data Protection

Continued protection of your business

Adaptive Data Protection is a service that offers your company continued support in broad security

Along with increasing number of systems and devices that are online, the number of entrances to get to your company’s critical data grows, too.

Continued monitoring of cyber threats should be a priority for your business. “Audit to audit” actions or ones undertaken after a hacker attack covered by the media are never enough.

Protect your company at all selected levels

Every company uses various security systems such as anti-virus protection, access control to key applications or access control to premises.

With Adaptive Data Protection, we will adjust your business security to the changing IT environment and legislative changes: in April 2018, a new Regulation on the protection and processing of personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Focus on your key business and let us take care of continued threat monitoring and preventing cyber-attacks.

Adaptive Data Protection service includes:

  • Security audyt
    We will audit security systems at your company
  • Security plan with risk analysis
    We will develop a target desired plan for protecting your business resources in combination with a risk analysis and potential threat impact
  • Security systems implementation project
    We will divide it into milestones and schedule it over time, depending on the scale of your business and advancement of your IT systems
  • Launch of continued security monitoring
    We will constantly monitor your company in a reactive manner (e.g. by responding to a DDoS attack in line with a relevant procedure) and proactive manner (e.g. by implementing patches to systems to prevent any future attacks).